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The annual Latin America conferences have become one of the most successful events of their kind in the UK. Since December 2005, thousands of delegates from across the country have come to hear speakers from more than 30 countries discuss and share experiences of developments in the Caribbean and Latin America. (more…)

Venezuelan opposition leader, Diego Arria, denies 2002 coup & dismisses credibility of the UN

During an interview with Stephen Sackur in Hardtalk, Venezuelan opposition leader Diego Arria said that he does not believe in figures provided by the United Nations Organization, regarding social progress in Venezuela. During his recent visit to the UK, Diego Arria has made a number of bizarre claims. He even told a meeting at the House of Commons that the events of April 2002 when the military temporarily overthrew President Chavez "was not a coup". With his failure to acknowledge a military coup and now his dismissal of UN data, it is clear that it is Arria himself who is not a credible or impartial commentator on the current situation in Venezuela. In the interview, Sackur reminded Arria that according to figures and statistics issued by the UN, the government of President Hugo Chavez has reduced extreme poverty from 25% to 5%, and it has also halved infant mortality as well as made great progress in healthcare. Arria responded by saying categorically that the figures published by the UN are not credible at all.  “The Human Development Report of the UN - I was there during the first report - is made up of figures and statistics provided by the countries themselves”, said Arria, who added that because of this, UN reports on Venezuela, as well as on other countries, are highly questionable.