Welcome to Latin America 2010

The annual Latin America conferences have become one of the most successful events of their kind in the UK. You can register for the 2010 Conference on December 4 here . Since December 2005, thousands of delegates from across the country have come to hear speakers from more than 30 countries discuss and share experiences of developments in the Caribbean and Latin America.

UK contributors have included Harold Pinter, Tariq Ali and Tony Benn. From Europe, the US and the region itself trade union and social movement leaders, writers, artists, politicians, campaigners, film directors, diplomats and academics have all shared platforms.

Most importantly, the conferences have heard first hand from the peoples of Latin America; of their struggle to free themselves from the hegemony of US domination, their battle to gain control of national resources, and their fight to defend their gains and achievements.

From Cuba to Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Brazil and Colombia the people of the region are finding their voice, realising their power and determining their own futures.

The Latin America conferences provide an insight into the reality of the region and effective ways for people in the UK to find out more and support these struggles and movements in Latin America by getting involved in solidarity work.

This website is not just a reflection of previous conferences, but looks forward to a whole series of events, seminars and actions throughout 2010 on this theme. This began with the ALBA seminar at Canning House on 22 April and this year’s activity culminates in the Latin America 2010 conference at Congress House on Saturday 4 December 2010.

Visit us regularly for the latest news and events and please show your solidarity with the people of Latin America by joining the organisations which work tirelessly to publicise their cause in this country.

A better world is possible.