Special Latin America 2011 lecture with Noam Chomsky

Saturday 8 October 2011


Another world is possible, and Latin America is creating it NOW

by Seumas Milne

Twenty years ago, when the Soviet Union collapsed and the Cold War came to a close, we were told that we were witnessing the end of history, the triumph of the free market, the emergence of a unipolar world and the death of socialism – in fact, the end of any systemic alternative to neoliberal capitalism at

Two decades on, that all looks pretty foolish. Four things in particular have changed the picture fundamentally. The first has been the war on terror, the strategic defeat of the US in Iraq and Afghanistan and the failure of its attempt to impose its will by force on the Arab and Muslim world. The
second has been the rise of China. The third has been the crash of 2008 and the discrediting of the neoliberal economic model. And the fourth, and most underestimated shift, has been the progressive tide that has swept Latin America.


United in Solidarity

by Len McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite the Union

The continent of Latin America is changing rapidly and the good news is that it is the people of Latin America themselves that are driving this progressive agenda. For the first time the people of the continent are taking control of their own resources and their own destinies, and this model of continental self determination is one we should all applaud and support.


Latin America Rising: Film, Panel Discussion and Performance

Thursday 16th June, at Bolivar Hall 54 Grafton Way London W1T 5DL, FREE ENTRY, 5:30 – 9pm


US condemned at OAS opening over Sanctions on Venezuela

Nicaragua and Ecuador’s ambassadors to the Organization of American States (OAS) used the opening of the 41st session of the OAS to condemn US sanctions against the Venezuelan oil company, PDVSA.


Ollanta Humala’s win is a promise to Peru’s poor

The left candidate’s victory in Peru’s election is part of a firm pattern of independence

Mark Weisbrot guardian.co.uk, Monday 6 June 2011