Latin America 2011 Conference Report

Student doctors in Cuba

Nearly 500 students, activists, campaigners and trade unionists attended the seventh annual Latin America Conference at Congress House in December. Speakers included trade union and labour leaders from Britain – such as Frances O’Grady, Hugh Lanning, and Jeremy Corbyn MP – but the indisputable highlights were contributions from Latin American comrades including three mothers of the Miami Five, Egle Sanchez, Venezuelan trade union leader, and Cuban Olympic legend Alberto Juantorena.

Nicaragua leads in malaria eradication

Nicaragua has been recognized by the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), as a champion in the battle to eradicate malaria for its program of community vigilance against malaria in 2011.

How buying Fairtrade nuts can help change lives…

Almost all of the Fairtrade nuts in UK supermarkets come from an organisation called Liberation Foods CIC which is anything but a usual company.

21st Century Cuba Seminar Report, Latin America 2011

In a lively discussion on economic developments and labour relations in 21st century Cuba, Emily Morris from London Metropolitan University began by contextualising the challenges facing Cuba’s evolving economy.

From ALCA to ALBA – An End To Dependency in Latin America?

On November 6th, 2011, over 5,000 people gathered in Mar del Plata to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the “IV Summit of the Americas” where Latin American presidents rejected the US-led initiative to establish a free trade zone for the entire region with the exception of Cuba.