Liberation Foods

Liberation Foods CIC is the world’s only Fairtrade nut company and its biggest shareholder is a co-operative of the very nut farming and gatherering groups which supply the nuts it sells.

Noam Chomsky urges increased action to win freedom for Miami Five

Over 500 activists, academics and students attended a lecture by renowned American philosopher Noam Chomsky on Saturday. Read the full report here.

Latin America 2011 Noam Chomsky Lecture

Saturday 8 October 2011 6.30pm

Noam Chomsky

TUC Congress House, London

The renowned American academic and activist who has written numerous articles and books on US policy in Cuba and Latin America will speak as part of the Latin America 2011 season of events in the lead up to this years conference in December 2011.

Tickets for this event have now sold out. You will soon be able to buy tickets for our annual Latin America Conference, so please check back soon for more info.

Watch the full Noam Chomsky lecture

You can now watch Noam Chomsky's full lecture on Latin America and the progressive challenge to US neo-liberal hegemony online. View this story to watch the video now.

Latin America 2011 Conference: Making a better world possible

Speakers include: Alberto Juantorena Former Olympic 400m & 800m gold medal winner ● Families of the Miami 5 from Cuba ● Egle Sanchez Venezuelan trade union leader ● Guissell Morales-Echaverry Nicaraguan Embassy ● Prof. Ernesto Laclau Argentinian political theorist ● Frances O'Grady TUC Deputy Gen Sec ● Michael Chanan Filmmaker ● Billy Hayes CWU Gen Sec ● Victoria Brittain Writer ● Bob Crow RMT Gen Sec ● Jeremy Corbyn MPSally Hunt UCU Gen Sec ● plus speakers and eyewitness reports from Colombia, Honduras, Bolivia, Guatemala, Mexico and across the continent.

Chilean miners walk out to halt privatisation

Miners shut down Chile's state-owned copper mining company on Monday in a 24-hour strike against privatisation plans.