Sponsors & supporters

Latin America conferences and events are organised by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign and SERTUC (South East Region TUC). Key sponsors include OH Parsons Solicitors, Unite London and Eastern Region, CWU, RMT, UNISON, the PCS in addition to dozens of other supporting trade unions and organisations.

Participating and supporting organisations of the Latin America Conferences include:

Alborada www.alborada.net

ASLEF (Train drivers union) www.aslef.org.uk

BananaLink www.bananalink.org.uk

Bolivia Information Forum www.boliviainfoforum.org.uk

Caribbean Labour Solidarity

Cuba Solidarity Campaign www.cuba-solidarity.org.uk

Cuba 50 www.cuba50.org

CWU (Communication Workers Union) www.cwu.org

El Sueño Existe www.elsuenoexiste.com

Embasssy of the Republic of Cuba www.cubaldn.com

Embassy of Bolivia www.bolivia.embassyhomepage.com

Embassy of Nicaragua http://nicaragua.embassyhomepage.com/

Embassy of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela www.embavenez-uk.org

FBU (Fire Brigades Union) www.fbu.org.uk

GMB  (Britain’s General Union) www.gmb.org.uk

Haiti Support Group www.haitisupport.gn.apc.org

Justice For Colombia www.justiceforcolombia.org

Latin America Bureau www.lab.org.uk

Liberation www.liberationorg.co.uk

Morning Star www.morningstaronline.co.uk

Movimientos www.movimientos.org.uk

Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign www.nicaraguasc.org.uk

NUM (National Union of Mineworkers) www.num.org.uk

NUT (National Union of Teachers) www.teachers.org.uk

OH Parsons & Partners www.ohparsons.co.uk

One World Action www.oneworldaction.org

Peru Support Group www.perusupportgroup.org.uk

POA (Prison Officers Union) www.poauk.org.uk

PCS (Public and Commercial Services Union) www.pcs.org.uk

Red Pepper www.redpepper.org.uk

RMT (Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers' Union) www.rmt.org.uk

SERTUC (Southern and Eastern region of TUC) www.tuc.org.uk

Tribune www.tribunemagazine.co.uk

TSSA (Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association) www.tssa.org.uk

UCATT (Construction Workers Union) www.ucatt.org.uk

Unison www.unison.org.uk

Unite www.unitetheunion.com

Venezuela Solidarity Campaign www.vicuk.org

War on Want www.waronwant.org

Cuba Solidarity Campaign
Cuba – you can make a difference
For 50 years, Cuba has been a symbol of resistance and inspiration for the poor and dispossessed of Latin America. A beacon for people everywhere struggling for social justice, internationalism and peace. Throughout this time its people have suffered under a brutal and internationally condemned US blockade. You can show solidarity with the Cuban people, help fight the blockade, and defend Cuba’s right to self determination by joining the Cuba Solidarity Campaign today. FREE CUBAN MUSIC CD TO ALL NEW MEMBERS PLUS CUBASI MAGAZINE 4 TIMES A YEAR! Join online at www.cuba-solidarity.org.uk Send a cheque to CSC, Pay by card on E. T.
Venezuela Solidarity Campaign
Join the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign
In the last decade, Venezuela has become a beacon for progressive people across the world, transforming the lives of millions for the better. Today this progress is under threat from the new US militarization of the region. The Venezuela Solidarity Campaign works to defend the country’s right to self-determination and support social progress. You can help by joining online today at www.venezuelasolidarity.co.uk or by sending a cheque to Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, c/o . Rates are £30 for local organisations and £12/£6 for individuals. For more information contact or .
Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign
Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign
NSC works with Nicaraguan organisations and social movements working to overcome social and economic injustice and facilitates solidarity links with their UK counterparts. For more information, see www.nicaraguasc.org.uk.